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  • "The students are begging for more." -Stephanie Adams

  • "Everyone is active, engaged, and having a lot of fun." -Roger Stirtz

  • "A must play for any PE Class." -Matt Candrl

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Do You Know?

Hantis (short for hand tennis). Introducing the simplest, most effective way to get students active with tables and a ball. Increase participation, hand-eye coordination and develop new skills in just one class!
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*For PE Teachers grades 5-12

Hantis is the most fun and creative sport for people of all ages. Teams of two strike a tennis ball across multiple tables using hands, head and feet.

Play in gym, a classroom and outdoors with any tables, a tennis ball or two, grab your three closest friends, and wah-la! You're ready to play Hantis for hours on end.

Hantis is played at over a hundred K-12 schools and several universities:

"Hantis is one of the most inclusive games our kids have played." - Matt Candrl,  Coach, Owensville High School
"Students who generally do not like playing sports, or who do not like the competitive environment seem to really enjoy playing Hantis." - Courtney DeSantis,  P.E., James Bridger Middle
"The students are begging for more." - Stephanie Adams,  Coach, Lafayette High School
"It is something we have done in P.E. that will leave a lasting impression on all the kids." - Mindy Passanisi,  P.E., Pioneer Ridge Middle School


The setting and spiking of volleyball, the dribbling of basketball, the kicks and headers of soccer, the short sprints of tennis, and twitch reflexes of ping-pong.

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Hantis movements improve bilateral coordination through engaging both sides of the brain. This increases blood flow and developes new connections between both hemispheres which improves student learning in other classes.


Players of every skill level enjoy the fun, social atmosphere of the game by alleviating the pressure to perform. There is no "sitting on the bench" since players are always part of the game!

For All Ages

Through bursts of maximal cardiovascular output, followed by intervals of rest, reserves of aerobic and anaerobic fitness are acquired that improve biological age, regardless of chronological age.

Lesson Plans

10 Days of Hantis skills, mini-games, assessment and more!
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Hantis Tables

Playing on the official tables is beneficial for beginners and experts alike.
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Hantis USA players in-school visit instructs and inspires.
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